12 Steps Spirituality

Fall 2017 Dates for 12 Step Spirituality

This 8-week program explores the Twelve Steps as they can be applied to daily living by Christians. These steps form a workable formula for confronting issues in one’s life and is a model for surrendering one’s life to a Higher Power. The spiritual principles of the Twelve Steps are grounded in Christian beliefs and supported by Scripture. They are a way for ordinary people to explore issues such as feelings of distance from God, others and even themselves. Taking an honest look at our behavior, past and present. The Twelve Steps can be applied to renew our journey with the help of the God of our understanding.


Facilitator: Ron Pellerin, M.Ed

Date: 8 weeks-Wednesdays, 7:00pm-9:00pm, September 20-November 8

Cost: Text is $20. A weekly donation of $5 is requested to offset overhead.

To register: email information@thelantern.ca or call 753-8760 (Lantern Office)

Ron has facilitated retreats and workshops on spirituality and completed a program on Spiritual Mentoring. He has training and experience as a group facilitator and mentor.

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