Wisdom Healing Qigong


Wisdom Healing Qigong

Wisdom Healing Qigong  gently yet powerfully enables us to activate more directly and more deeply the natural universal life energy flowing within us and all around us for inner self-healing and greater wholeness. This energy is called Chi (chee), spelled Qi as in Qigong. Qi literally means “life energy” and “Gong” means working with the energy, cultivating its benefits. Simply put by Master Mingtong Gu, “When we learn why and how to intentionally change our energy flow, then we can experience less stress and illness”.

Wisdom Healing Qigong teaches that energy is naturally alive and wants to move. When the energy is stuck or frozen, we experience tension, dis-ease, and then disease. The more freely the energy flows, the more alive and healthy we are, body, mind, heart, and the more happy, joyous and free. As our practice deepens, its focus on posture, gentle movements, sound , visualization, breathing, focused attention and intention, awakens and frees up any stuck energy within. The releasing of energy blockages caused by a wide variety of life experiences is the key focus of Master Mingtong Gu’s Wisdom Healing Qigong teachings.

Surprisingly, all can be practiced standing, sitting or lying down, according to each one’s ability, even if all one can do in the beginning is watch a video or visualize the practice. Be prepared to be amazed at how one’s capacity changes with faithful practice.

Both well-founded scientific research and anecdotal reporting indicate that with faithful practice,”a web of positive changes (await) you, your loved ones,k and planet Earth” As Mingtong also says repeatedly, all you need is “your own best effort”, and the Chi will do the rest.Wisdom Healing Qigong is yet another way to help yourself feel better on all levels, body, mind and spirit, using your own natural resources. We invite you to “Come and See!”

To learn more, visit www.chicenter.com or see the Wisdom Healing Qigong menu bar on Sheila’s website at www.taichichihnl.ca

Class Schedule

8 Weeks
Tuesdays, 10:30am-12:00pm or 7:00-8:30pm
October 17 – December 12

Cost: Suggested good-will offering

Sheila Leonard , PBVM, Professional Program Trainee and Practitioner

Please simply come along and register at the first class. Questions? Please contact Sheila.
Tel: (709) 727-7863
Email: sheilaleonard@nf.sympatico.ca
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