Our Facility

Formerly a primary school, The Lantern has a range of facilities that can accommodate a variety of programs and events. Revenues from our room rentals are used solely to help cover operational costs and subsidize peer support and community groups that are unable to pay. If you have a program or event that helps build community, then you'll find space at The Lantern too!

Our Amenities

  • Wheelchair accessible event space and washrooms
  • All your presentation needs: Flip charts, projector, Wireless Internet access, screens
  • Microphones and sound system with headsets for hearing impaired in Conference Centre

Bonavista | $60/hour

Our largest and most versatile space, the Bonavista is used for gala dinners, concerts, fundraisers, graduations, exhibits, theatrical productions, movie screenings, workshops, community celebrations, conferences and much more. Banquet tables and chairs can be arranged to accommodate up to 130 guests (50 guests under the current public health protocols).

4,130 sq ft

Cape Spear | $25/hour

Cape Spear arrangements vary from open space for Tai chi, meditation and yoga, to tables arranged for workshops and presentations. The space also has a kitchenette attached and has been used for wedding showers and other social events. Max capacity 12 people under the current public health protocols. 

550 sq ft

Lamaline | $25/hour

This is an excellent space for smaller meetings, with a high quality Board table and chairs. It is also our resource centre, with over 3,000 books ranging from history to fiction to spirituality and reference. Max capacity 10 people under the current public health protocols. 

580 sq ft

Fort Amherst | $25/hour

Our Fort Amherst has a central table and chairs, ideal for Board or committee meetings, peer support groups, roundtables and planning discussions. Seats 14 comfortably. Max capacity 9 people under the current public health protocols. 

320 sq ft

Point Amour | $25/hour

The Point Amour is a versatile open space, great for yoga, meditation or exercise classes. It can also be set up for classroom style trainings and seminars. Max capacity 12 people under the current public health protocols. 

620 sq ft

Bacalhao | $30/hour

The Bacalhao can accommodate up to 50 people with a variety of table arrangements. It is used frequently for presentations, nonprofit AGMs, workshops, dinners, and more. This is a perfect space for catering events in the Bonavista. Max capacity 25 people under the current public health protocols.

1,040 sq ft

Kitchen | $20/hour

Our licensed kitchen features two electric ranges, two top-freezer refrigerators and an array of cooking equipment and catering supplies. It is ideal for catering events in the Bonavista, preparing food for retail, conducting cooking workshops, or organizing family dinners. For standalone kitchen rentals, we request 4-hour minimums on Sat & Sun. No minimums during weekdays. 

Rose Blanche | $20/hour

The Rose Blanche is an ideal space for private counseling, quiet conversation, reflection, meditation or prayer. It provides a cozy and calming atmosphere with comfortable seating, soft lighting, a small book collection, and a natural rock feature. A white noise machine is available upon request for use in this space. Max capacity 2 people under the current public health protocols.

Lantern Parking

There are 18 parking spaces in The Lantern's parking lot, including 1 accessible parking spot. Street parking is available along Barnes Rd and Mullock St (except during winter months Dec-Mar). Overflow parking may be available in the Basilica parking lot upon request.

If you are in the Basilica parking lot facing toward the Basilica, you will find a short path in the far right corner that will take you directly to The Lantern parking lot. There is a sign on the far right hand corner of Presentation Convent pointing to The Lantern. 


35 Barnes Road

St. John's, NL A1C 3 X1

T: (709) 753 - 8760

E: information@thelantern.ca


Monday - Friday

9:00am - 5:00pm