Covid Update

Covid Update

The Lantern is  currently taking limited bookings under NL's Provincial Health Protocols. Please refer to the  Provincial Covid-19 Info Page for specific information regarding the protocols and the types of events and attendance numbers allowed at the moment.

When using space at The Lantern, you will be expected to adhere to the following:  


Certain individuals are at a higher risk than others of severe illness from COVID-19 (see details here). As the event organizer, it is your responsibility to make your participants aware of these risks.

Any individual who has knowingly been exposed to someone with symptoms of COVID-19 (see symptoms here), and/or who is waiting for a COVID-19 test, and/or who is supposed to be in quarantine is not permitted to attend events at The Lantern. As the event organizer, it is your responsibility to identify these individuals and ask them to not attend your event.

As the individual or organization renting or using our space, it is your responsibility to scan your own participants’ vaccine passports. You will be required to collect proof of vaccination either at the entrance to The Lantern, or at the point of service (i.e. at the entrance to your assigned space within The Lantern). It is up to you to determine which is most appropriate. If you decide to collect the information at the entrance to The Lantern, you will need to inform your participants which entrance you will choose (either the staired/Reception entrance or the accessible ramp entrance). For recurring activities, with your participants’ consent, you may keep a record that your participants’ vaccination status was previously verified (to avoid reverifying their vaccination record each session). You may not keep their QR codes, only a record of their consent, and you must destroy their record upon completion of the program or at their request, whichever comes first.

Attendance is limited to the number of people agreed upon with The Lantern during your booking process and cannot be exceeded. 

Please remind your participants to stay home if they feel sick.


Wearing a non-medical mask that covers the nose and mouth is mandatory for everyone at The Lantern, excluding children under 5 years old, or anyone with a condition that prevents them from wearing a face covering. Participants may only remove their face masks while seated or engaged in physical activity, so long as physical distancing is maintained in either case. Please ask your participants to bring their own face masks.

Physical distancing of 2m/6ft is to be maintained between individuals while at  The Lantern, whether masked or not.

We will provide a registration sheet for contact tracing purposes that one individual (facilitator, trainer, etc.) will need to fill out on behalf of your group. We keep that list confidentially for two weeks and then destroy it.

Participants are not allowed to share food, beverages, equipment, supplies or materials while at The Lantern.

We will provide directional signage, hygiene stations and posters, as well as sanitization services including in the washroom facilities and event space between events.

You may find our regular programs and events listed here.