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Women to Women

The annual Empowering Leadership Conference is a unique opportunity for women of all backgrounds and sectors to learn and grow together: developing self knowledge and enhancing professional skills through stories and actionable examples of leadership shared by leading women in our communities.

Empowering Leadership

How can we apply practical strategies to diversify the positions and skillsets of women? How can we consciously construct our own pathways to leadership? What can we expect when we accept the responsibilities of leadership? These important questions form the foundation of our exploration, setting delegates up on a journey toward their own leadership potential.

Sharing the Flame

This year, our programme focuses on the tools and stories of practical application, shared by some of the most resilient and accomplished women in our province. Through these processes, we know that we can help women achieve an understanding of their own leadership ability, identify strategies to reach their potential, and build the skills to influence change and gain support within their organizations.

Looking Forward

Empowering Leadership is a guiding light, a vision of The Lantern staff and its Board of Directors to honor the commitment of the Presentation Sisters to help women create more leadership-focused futures – not only for their own advancement, but also to achieve solidarity within the community at large. All women are invited to participate in what we know will become a dynamic, highly motivating and ongoing experience of leadership development for all who attend.